Battle Buddy Center
We Care For Our Vets


The Battle Buddy Drop In Center offers veterans who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses an essential way of improving their quality of life. In addition to seeking treatment from clinical programs, Veterans using the center to receive support from their peers, participate in social activities, seek help in obtain services and benefits, or simply relax and have fun. The Battle Buddy Drop In Center fills a unique and important role in the mental health system. The Battle Buddy Drop In Center provides a supportive environment for Veterans who might otherwise resort to hospitalization or other costly services. Many drop-in centers offer services on evenings, weekends, and holidays, when clinical mental health services might be unavailable.

The Battle Buddy Drop-in Centers also provides something that clinical services cannot: empowerment. By planning and directing the Battle Buddy Drop-In Center's activities, its Veteran participants learn practical lessons about planning, budgeting, and working. More importantly, because a drop-in center's Veteran participant staff does not assume a "superior" role to the center's users, the Center's users develop a sense of responsibility and self-worth that may be absent in traditional settings. Rather than focusing on treatment of an illness, the Battle Buddy Drop In Center stresses personal values of recovery.